Musk Ox roots stem from the frustration for the lack of a proper barbering experience. As men with busy lives and high expectations, we feel the need to enrich our spare time with satisfying rituals, ones that respect our schedule and add to our enjoyment.

Everything you see at Musk Ox Barbers, from the New York-first communal barber table to the full bar, has been crafted by hand with locally sourced materials to make you feel at home. Every detail contributes to a pleasant barbering experience, where good vibes, complimentary extras and outstanding services blend seamlessly to make your grooming routine less of a routine, and more of a pleasure. 

We are born as an independent barber shop and are proud to call Greenpoint, Brooklyn our home. We chose the powerful Musk Ox as our spirit animal to represent vitality, strength and effortless style: virtues we share with all our patrons.