The Musk Ox experience starts much before beginning your service.

After you check in, take a seat in our lounge area, taste our custom-blended, freshly grounded coffee, tea or other complimentary beverages presented to you at the bar. While you wait for your barber, grab a book or take in the cozy, thoughtfully designed atmosphere and escape from the daily hustle. Settle in at the New York first communal barber table, where your barber will welcome you for a full style consultation: our priority is listening and understanding your wishes, to make sure you walk out with a fresh, confident look.



Quick Haircut 15 min | $25

Dedicated to guys who want to always look sharp and come in for a quick check, a buzzcut or who want to keep their shade well groomed, week after week. We put the same level of care as in all our cutting services. After a style consultation, the cut is executed with clippers and scissors and includes styling and finishing.

Kids Haircut 20 min | $25

A customized service that takes into account every need of your little Musk Oxen, provided with extra care, to make them feel at ease. the cut is executed with scissor and clippers and includes shampooing, styling and finishing.

Regular Haircut 40 min | $45

An uncompromising cut, performed with your lifestyle in mind. After a full style consultation regarding your face shape, hair type, and grooming routine, we execute the cut and include shampooing, lotion, styling and finishing.

Extended Haircut 50 min | $65

Tailored to guys with longer hair who need someone who can handle it. We allow more time for the consultation and the cut. Scissor work, shampooing, conditioning, lotion, styling and finishing will make sure you leave with a style you love.

Full Restyling 60 min | $75

Whether you are looking to grow a new style the right way, or cut off some locks to radically change your look we will walk you through your transformation ensuring you leave with a fresh, uber-confident look.

Beard Care

Full Beard Tidy 30 min | $35

A beard maintenance service that starts with a full style advice based on your lifestyle and grooming routine. Oil and brushing, scissor and clipper shaping, face scrub, pre-shave cream, hot towels followed by upper body massage, razor work, ice towel, moisturizer and finishing.

Quick Beard Tidy 15 min | $25

The short version of our Full Beard Tidy is for people who are on-the-go and simply want to quickly adjust their beard, to have it nicely groomed for their day or date. Style consultation, shaping with scissors, clippers, products and finishing.


Wet Shave 30 min | $45

A skin-preserving treatment for clean shavers. It includes a full pre-shave consultation, facial preparation with scrub, pre-shave and hot towels, upper body massage, badger brush soaping, two Japanese razor passes, ice towel, moisturizer and finishing,

Head Shave 30 min | $45

Tailored to those who prefer to shave it all, but don’t want to pass on a Musk Ox shaving experience. It includes a full pre-shave consultation, head preparation with scrub, pre-shave and hot towels, badger brush soaping, two Japanese razor passes, ice towels, and moisturizer.


Facial Scrub 15 min | $25

A signature treatment to revive your skin from the city’s smog and daily stress. It removes the layer of dead cells and gives glow and longevity back to your skin. Pre-scrub skin consultation, scrub, hot towel followed by upper body massage, moisturizer and finishing.

Beard Hot Oil 15 min | $25

A signature treatment to restructure and nurture your beard, fighting its natural aging process. It gives extreme softness and luster to your beard and prolongates its lifespan. Beard consultation, oil, brushing, hot towels followed by upper body massage, styling products, moisturizer and finishing.

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